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   I had the inspiration to compose a piece about a small travelling orchestra journeying around the physical world whilst enjoying many spiritual experiences.   Then the performance of an evening became a mhard copiusical description of the emotions the musicians had shared.   I composed this whilst going through a deeply religious time of my life and it shows!   This was recorded by SCAMP studios whose interpretation is from my own recording.   I am very pleased with it and look forward to the day when I can re-work this in a studio with professionals to perhaps make it even more colourful.   My favourite piece? - has to be "Searching for a Heavenly Path."   

 Voices of an Orchestra – being elsewhere
Part One – The beginning

Copyright©John Hutchinson 2013

Wandering above the mist ♫:    We had decided to meet in the new ‘Gallery on The Hill.’ We all agreed it to be a celebration of creative achievements born from the incredible passions of but a few uniquely gifted artists. We found ourselves standing humbly before Freidrich’s great Romantic painting, our quaking hearts sharing an unsettling acknowledgment of that familiar landscape - loneliness. As helplessness overwhelmed our simple souls we considered the notions of destiny and eternity – “Oh, what awesome implications!”

   Our Philosophical Percussionist wondered aloud “Could there ever be one day longer than eternity?” Of course we smiled … more

Knowing truth in soliloquy♫:  We began to bond and morale was high. Spontaneously and unanimously we agreed to maintain frank and open discussion with nothing hidden or murmured to eat away at new or old friendships. We discussed the idea that there can be no place for untruths in solitude. So why, too often, is there such a place when people are together? We must encourage a normality of honesty in the belief that goodness shall prevail ... more

Amongst those who love & dance♫:The following day after travelling for what seemed an unusually long night we walked amongst the locals in their bustling border town market place. The orchestra shared an amazing sense of camaraderie and it seemed everyone greeted us with genuine pleasure. And the brightest sun shone to encourage even higher spirits!... more

Nearing God’s Heart ♫:   We had loved dancing but soon needed to rest and turning the first of many curious corners we were welcomed by an open rusting gate. Perhaps it had never been closed. The Fantasising Flautist asked aloud if it was true that we could be nearer to God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth… so we decided to walk through to find out! We discovered an orderly cultivated landscape that had been lovingly cared for... more

On the Eighth Sea  ♫: All seemed well until we reached the end of the garden path to be confronted by a vast seascape where a decisive silver horizon softened to merge into accepting green and blue shimmering watery depths. We were surprised to realise that not one of us had sailed before and later, even when the dark sea rolled passively underneath slowly ambling clouds, there was a presence in the air that teased the resting sails and some nervous shipmates...more                        

Finding Tears in Raindrops ♫: The following day we awoke to strange foreboding weather. Occasional voluminous raindrops fell into the restless sea to instantly disappear. The darkening clouds seemed heavy in their deliberation as they began to journey more swiftly. All aboard had slept poorly last night and the sun had not yet returned to cheer us up. Then on the radio we heard breaking news of yet another war between one religion and another. Were these not good people? How could they deem a war to be Holy? ..more

Boulevard  ♫:   Fortunately as we strode ashore the following morning and with returning confidence, a keenness in the air introduced another of those days when smiles were shared freely and gladly. The sense of being alive as we walked in an almost tangible spirit of friendship along the leafy bustling boulevard was so strong as to be barely credible. We were grateful as again we enjoyed one of life’s simpler pleasures. .. more
Depths in His Garden  ♫:   And then we found another wonderful garden! How lucky we felt as we walked barefooted over silky uncut grass to then sit by a large glistening pond. The friendly sun reflected in many small ripples that seemed to move only towards us like restless thoughts seeking fulfilment. They lapped gently at our feet but disappeared perhaps uncomforted and disenchanted. We wondered what the pond might be trying to say and looked into what seemed like deep water but of course we could see only ourselves... moreSearching for a Heavenly Path  ♫:   Then later as we walked in discussion almost unaware of our surroundings we wondered if the human beast could ever change its ways and believe enough in love to find a way to heaven before an earthly death. Could this be the hidden meaning to life itself? We could only share dismay at much of history and despite a sombre mood there was an undeniable feel of hope for the future. But no one could say where that came from... more

When Music Speaks  ♫:   Somehow we knew we were approaching the end of our first travels and that time when happiness and sorrow blend as an unwelcome recipe for bitter sweetness. We decided to sing for our supper in celebration of new friendships now firmly bonded. The harmony was beautiful and warm and we believed it expressed more than the spoken word. Music was our way forward and perhaps that is why today’s harmony meant so much to us…more

Wising up to the Fear of the Lord  ♫:And finally we visitedthe largest of Gothic Cathedrals. Some of us discussed how we understood He had been with us throughout our travels. For those who did not share this wonderful Blessing of Enlightenment we wanted to shout challengingly… “WAKE UP! HE IS HERE! TRULY HERE!” So we did... more

   We would return soon. We can experience and learn together once more! And maybe we can discuss a new way forward to then persuade more people to join us in our great Romantic quest. New music will speak for us as we try to grasp words to explain that which we know, feel and believe. The Voices will speak again, for of course the journey is not yet completed!

                                                                 Thomas Keys