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This is a selection of work that I'm particularly proud of.   All have been recorded by SCAMP studio or HOO HAH productions.     The titles below give you an idea of the many styles.   Awesome!

                                             Just click here to enjoy!! http://soundcloud.com/thomas-100-1

 Kid You Don't Know Swing! - Eat your heart out Ed!

Only A Dream Away - Think ukulele and Joe Brown

One  Dream Away - Whimsy melody for lonely people

The Boogie Woogie Train - It's First Class! 

One Place I Know - Celtic Love Song 

My Highlands Rose - For Scotland!    

Don't Stay Dead (Or I'll Die) - Mr Bond  

It's Midnight - Magical whimsy 

Mommas Blues - This IS the Blues!  

Sadie - One for Her - and (Him?!)

Good Time Blues - Is she a lady!?   

Song for Edith - Miss Piaf!     

Rabbie's Coming Home - Scottish ballad/reel!    

One Kick Biker - Rocker for bikers everywhere     

Don't Believe Him - One for the Ladies ...   

The Blues Song - she ain't happy!    

Blues Lady Singgreat blues - it ain't over yet! 

She's One Womanclassical intro then bop! 

Heartachemore complex than you think!   

She's Mine - instru intro then old style ballad   


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